Virginia Edwards | National Etiquette Coach

Virginia Edwards is a national etiquette coach, consultant, and public speaker, she works with private clients, universities, government agencies, and businesses across all industries to eliminate barriers to their success. Using customized professional development programs, her goal is to entertain while educating. She has published articles in numerous business journals and has appeared as an etiquette expert on various news programs.

Her broad experience in varied industries provides the real world knowledge of the interpersonal skills critical to success in the local and international markets. Prior to starting her consulting business, she served as Special Staff Assistant to the Under Secretary for Health, Department of Veterans Affairs. Additionally, she held positions in sales, manufacturing, hospitality, finance and non-profit organizations. Her international and interpersonal skills afforded her the selection as General Manager, Norway House, the only country house open to the general public during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

In this episode of Kids In The Tank, we discuss:

  • Benefits of hiring an Etiquette Coach to improve your business.
  • Importance of giving back to the community and ways to get involved by donating your time.
  • Marketing your services through public speaking, client referrals and the power of LinkedIn.
  • Respecting yourself and respect for others.
  • Tips for achieving the perfect handshake technique and the importance of making eye contact.
  • How does the way you act around your friends, differ from how you are expected to act in the business world?
  • Changing the way you communicate personally and professionally.
  • Acknowledging people when you enter or exit a room.
  • How to overcome your fear of being nervous and build confidence.
  • What to do when you receive an RSVP for an event.
  • Is society better when you treat people with respect?
  • Importance of learning etiquette in high school.
  • Is it appropriate to use cell phones at the dinner table?
  • What etiquette rule would you change and why?

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