Tyson E. Franklin

Tyson E. Franklin is a Queensland University of Technology graduate and over the past 30 years has opened, sold, taken over and relocated well over 20 podiatry businesses, and established the first franchised podiatry operation in Australia. He’s won numerous Australian business awards, written two books, it’s No Secret There’s Money in Podiatry and It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business, runs two podcast shows called It’s No Secret with Dr T., and the Podiatry Legends Podcast, is a professional speaker and currently mentors podiatry business owners on how to market their businesses and how to set up systems to support their marketing strategies. Tyson knows he will never find the cure for cancer, but he hopes one day he will inspire someone, who inspires someone, who inspires someone that will find the cure. At present Tyson Franklin lives in Cairns, Queensland.

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