Pete Blank | Leadership & Service Expert

Pete Blank, has been a TV Sportscaster, a leader at The Walt Disney Company, and a training manager for local government.

Pete was blessed to spend a majority of his time working at the Disney University. While there, he led the Traditions program, which is known worldwide as one of the premiere employee orientation programs. He also facilitated college level courses to thousands of Disney College Interns, and was a Segment Learning Manager for Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and the Disney Cruise Line.

Today, he is the Training and Organizational Development Manager for the Personnel Board of Jefferson County in Birmingham, AL. In this role, he manages a department responsible for providing leadership and management training to over 7,000 local government employees across 23 agencies.

In today’s economy and climate, the world needs leaders more than ever. Pete is a leadership practitioner who realizes how important it is to get up and live every day like it is your last day. He is passionate about helping others understand the vital role they play when leading their families, their employees and themselves.

In this episode, Pete Blank discusses what makes an Instagram worthy workplace, how to overcome shyness in high school, how to be a leader and a good person, how to accept positive and constructive criticism, and his favorite Disney character!

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