Christopher Piotrowski | Associated Bank

Christopher Piotrowski is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Associated Bank in Milwaukee, WI.

In this episode of Kids In The Tank, we discuss:

  • Importance of understanding the products and services of the company that you work for.
  • Experiential marketing focusing on sports, entertainment and growth of the community.
  • Differences between the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.
  • What are the biggest opportunities as the digital space and marketing continues to change?
  • How do you see schools and education changing in order to gain the learning and experience you’re looking for?
  • What types of experiences and opportunities would you like business leaders to provide?
  • How should businesses change to interact with millennials and the type of things they should provide?
  • As millennials join the workforce, how do you prefer to work and what type of relationships are expected with bosses, management and mentors?
  • What is something you would change about companies, businesses or career fields you’re thinking about?
  • Are there topics or subjects you’re not seeing in school that you’re passionate and want to learn more about?
  • How do you envision giving back to the community as you continue to progress and get older?
  • How do you encourage kids to find their passion, learn and grow?
  • What are some of the biggest trends or changes happening?

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