An Update on Past Speaker, Bob Eisiminger

Bob Eisiminger was a keynote speaker during the 2018 Spring Season, and at the time was the CEO of Knight Point Systems. Since then Bob has been extremely busy and has sold the company for $250 Million, how awesome is that?! You can read more about that here.

Since BizTank, Bob has been working on his golf game and in his 5-acre yard, 3 of which he likes to maintain to stay looking in tip-top shape! Bob has joined the boards of several companies and remains active on the Board of the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund. The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund honors military service and sacrifice by providing scholarships to veterans and military family members, especially to the children of our nation’s fallen or disabled. Time and again, our soldiers and their families are asked to give of themselves for the rest of us. While they ask little in return, we owe them so much. Through education, the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund gives back to those who gave! 

When asked about what jobs/positions he has learned from, Bob said he had learned quite a bit from every single one of them. He also said it is most important that if you have a great work ethic that is a force multiplier for success!  Brains and brawn will get you so far, but if you have a phenomenal work ethic you will roll over the competition.

To advance his skillset Bob says to read, read, and read some more. He is constantly reading leadership articles; listing to podcasts; attending lectures; reading blog posts. To be successful in life you have to be in a constant mindset of wanting to learn and continuing to grow.

Some words of advice that Bob would like to give to high schoolers, that nobody ever gave to him, are, “Be impeccable with your word; speak with integrity and honesty.  Integrity is something no one can ever take from you; you have to give it away.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BizTank as I got to spend time with folks who volunteered their time to learn.  Not always the case when you give a talk or sit on a panel discussion.  The leadership of BizTank was organized, disciplined and most of all had a desire to give back to the community!  Admirable!” 


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